Centra Rochestown FoodCheck Case Study

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Centra Rochestown opened in 1999, located on the busy Rochestown road in County Cork. With a petrol station, busy deli and convenience store available, footfall through the shop is very high.
Owner Mary McGroarty was very quick to recognise the important of the fresh food offering which accounts for a significant portion of turnover.
Mary identified a number of areas which could be improved to aid her prosperous business in order to help growth within the organisation.
Challenge Facing Store Owner
To reduce the amount of time and labour spent on HACCP
Full compliance with HSE and EIQA regulations
Replace manual logging procedures and paper-based records which were at risk of human error and falsification
To provide a reliable, cost effective, fully automated approach to 24/7 HACCP monitoring and recording
FoodCheck Paperless HACCP System
The Kelsius HACCP solution is a fully automated, paperless system which ensures full compliance with statutory food safety requirements. Kelsius wireless temperature sensors monitor and record temperatures in all refrigerated areas and freezers. If a measured temperature rises above a set limit, an alert is triggered. This alert can be transmitted as a text message, email and via local visual alarms.
In addition to continuous temperature recording the Kelsius system also provides time and task management by recording key activities such as deliveries, cleaning tasks, hot & cold food probing and deli traceability. All records are securely stored on the Kelsius website and each retailer can access their records at any time from any Web-enabled PC or laptop. HACCP reports can also be automatically emailed as required.
Strategic Partnership with Musgraves
Musgraves introduced Kelsius cloud-based food safety monitoring system in their Store network with an official agreement concluded in September 2015. Kelsius, having worked with numerous individual stores within the Musgrave organisation and having completed a successful trial, agreed a strategic partnership with Musgrave to offer store owners all the benefits of FoodCheck.
“Implementing rigorous food safety and quality controls is fundamental to SuperValu and Centra. The Kelsius’ FoodCheck system ensures excellence in food safety monitoring and we are delighted to be able to offer this to our retail partners.” said Ray Bowe, Head of Food Safety for the Musgrave Group. The system has since been rolled out to over 125 retail outlets throughout Ireland with new stores signing up weekly. Ray Bowe continued “This innovative system helps us continue to offer the highest standards of food safety and quality to our shoppers that they have come to expect.”

This Kelsius system removes the risk of HACCP-related errors, in turn protecting customers from the effects of food-related hazards and the retailer from the risk of litigation. Currently operational at over 1000 sites throughout the UK and Ireland, the Kelsius system has been chosen by some of Europe’s largest organisations to automate their HACCP processes.
FoodCheck provides immediate resolution to problems; it eliminates the risk of human error during the food preparation process, it is easy to train new staff, and is also very easy to maintain.
Kelsius Executive Chairman Eamonn Quinn commented, “Food safety is the most important issue for any company operating in food retail as the reputation of a brand can be irreparably damaged through just one major incident. Our cloud based technology enables food retailers replace existing onerous paper based check systems and save time and money whilst implementing the very best solution for food chain management. The recorded information is available immediately as it is needed and reduces the possibility of human error in the recording of data as well as providing precise data for management. We are delighted to partner with SuperValu and Centra, helping us become the retail industry standard for excellence in food safety monitoring.”
FoodCheck greatly reduced the amount of time spent on HACCP for Centra Rochestown by greatly reducing manual checks of Fridges and Freezers, removing the need to print and complete paper records as well as streamlining and reducing the time spent probing food, recording deliveries & cleaning tasks and audit preparation.
The store has a complete and enviable record with regards to both HSE and EIQA audits. Since the store has implemented the FoodCheck system they have achieved and retained Emerald status with their EIQA records.
With the removal of paper to migrate to the electronic system, Mary found that all records are date and time stamped and cannot be retro-completed, preventing falsification. FoodCheck has a number of built in feature which help reduce the risk of human error all of which assisted with their immaculate records with audits.
With sensors continuously monitoring all cold storage units and with alerts notifying of any unsafe temperatures, Mary had peace of mind they were in full control of all food safety practices. With these failsafe procedures in place the risk of stock loss or a food safety incident were effectively removed making life easier for staff, management and owners.
This saves time, and allows staff to focus on the more important tasks at hand such as concentrate on the quality of food provided and assisting customers.

“We have Kelsius Food Safety System installed in the store now for a number of years, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t imagine the food safety system working without it.
I myself am very involved in the daily managing of the whole Kelsius System and would monitor records all day, so errors with staff especially new, are dealt with immediately. All records are signed off by managers, and this gives us huge reassurement that everything is running correctly. There were occasions when the system would have saved us a lot of money, as fridges and freezers alarm as soon as they need attention, hence problem dealt with immediately, and stock can be moved to another location.
With full commitment from Managers and staff in place you will never look back, and paperwork will be a thing of the past.
I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Kelsius to Retailers.”
Mary McGroarty. Centra Rochestown.
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