Testimonial from the Marine Institute Galway

Dr. Yvonne Bogan discusses how Kelsius and the CoolCheck system has been of benefit to the Marine Institute, based in Oranmore Co. Galway.

“We had the Kelsius Temperature Monitoring System installed in the Laboratories in January 2017. It has been a smooth transition to the Kelsius System and has been readily assimilated into our Quality Management System.
The Kelsius System simply “works in the background” and provides us with reliable on-going monitoring of over 100 items of equipment.

As the system is completely wireless, this has really been a huge benefit in all the labs and addition of probes to new items of equipment is effortless.

The support from the Kelsius Team has been immense, queries are always responded to promptly and staff are professional and extremely helpful.

A huge benefit of this system for the Marine Institute Laboratories is the ability to identify temperature trends with our equipment, via the visual display. The system is practical to use and also saves time and the dashboard allows all information to be readily displayed. The temperature data and associated information is available to all staff at any time, using a simple login.The fact that daily and weekly reports are emailed to the relevant personnel has allowed a paperless system to be rationalized throughout the laboratories.

Overall an extremely efficient and effective system that is now implemented into our laboratories.”

Dr. Yvonne Bogan, Quality Manager, Marine Environment and Food Safety Services, Marine Institute, Galway