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Temperature Mapping

Automated, accurate and easy-to-implement temperature mapping that protects your products, your customers and your business.
Temperature mapping from Kelsius provides an automated and accurate system for temperature mapping in any facility or storage space to ensure that it’s operating within pre-determined temperature limits.

Why is temperature mapping important?

Identifies hot and cold spots in storage areas.

Required for compliance with the HPRA, MHRA and other regulators.

Ensures that equipment is working properly.

Identifies infrastructure or design issues e.g. with HVAC system or insulation.

Protects your business from financial loss due to gaps in cold chain traceability.

Protects the safety of your customers.

Kelsius provides temperature mapping services with full reporting, analysis and compliance.

The comprehensive service makes it easy to map a storage area before use and to repeat mapping based on risk assessments or when facility modifications occur.

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Unlock the benefits of Temperature Mapping Services from Kelsius for your business.

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