Kelsius launches the KELSIUS App for push notification alerts

The app allows all Kelsius customers to receive push notification alerts directly to their smartphone or device.

Recently mobile phone network operators have been increasingly treating automated SMS and automated voice calls as spam. This can result in the non-delivery of messages and in turn risks the user not receiving critical alerts. Now with push notification alerts via the Kelsius app, users can receive push notifications in real time for alerts such as alarms warning of temperature excursions, the status of sensors and other events.


Push notifications via an app have multiple benefits particularly around security and reliability. The Kelsius app uses the most robust encryption protocols, providing a secure way to transmit information. This is particularly crucial in the food sector and life sciences industries for sensitive notifications affecting high-value stock, products or samples. With high level encryption protocols in place, messages are less susceptible to interception, being isolated or not delivered, and are delivered in a reliable, consistent and dependable manner.

The app also supports two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of security. Users can receive secure authentication codes directly through the app, enhancing the overall security of the communication. In the event that a user’s password is compromised, 2FA means that a potential hacker will be unable to gain access to the system using a password alone.


Where managers and supervisors need to know that an alert has been received and actioned, the Kelsius app provides delivery confirmation. This lets users know when a message has been successfully delivered and when it has been read. Managers have peace of mind that alerts reach their intended recipients who are responsible for undertaking corrective actions when required.

Offline message delivery is another feature of the Kelsius push notifications app. Push notifications are designed to be more reliable in delivering messages even when the recipient is offline. The app can store notifications until the user is back online, ensuring that important messages are not missed.

Remote Access

Kelsius alerts via the app means that all alerts can be viewed and managed whether the user needs access on site or remotely. Remove access delivers:

  • Secure login from any mobile device
  • Ability to select any individual alert event by entering a PIN.
  • Ability to enter a predefined or custom corrective action.
  • Ability to close the alert event without going back to an office or a central location.
  • The app will report if an alert notification was delivered, if it was opened and if it was actioned.
  • All actions are recorded and viewed on the portal audit section.
  • Provides improved traceability, convenience and saves time.


Kelsius customers who currently use the Kelsius portal and receive alerts via SMS or voice call alerts can start using the Kelsius app today. Download the KELSIUS app from Google Play for Android or from the App Store for iOS. Login using your Kelsius portal login details.

If you’re new to Kelsius and work in the food sector or life sciences, learn more about Kelsius Push Notification Alerts here. Or contact Kelsius to find out how FoodCheck 2.0 and CoolCheck can automate your digital HACCP and wireless temperature monitoring processes.