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FoodCheck 2.0 ensures tamperproof, HACCP compliance and by using the best available technology that delivers good corporate governance and improved risk mitigation

FoodCheck 2.0 ensures compliance with all aspects of Food
Hygiene Regulations and eliminates the risk of fines, potential closure and loss of reputation when used properly.

The automated sensors record the temperature in each chill or freezer unit every 30 minutes eliminating the need for manual temperature recording.

This can save between 1-3 hours of a Chefs day depending on the size of your operation, which can be more than the cost of operating FoodCheck 2.0

Why choose FoodCheck 2.0
for your Hospitality & Catering business?

No paperwork

Protect your business

Reduce food waste

Full Audit Trail

Regulatory Compliance

Kelsius is compliant with multiple quality assurance, food safety and other regulations:


Click here for a full list of Kelsius’ accreditations and memberships:


Trusted by

The Hastings Hotel Group
“We hold our customers in the highest regard here at Hastings. This agreement helps us ensure the safety of food we produce, while allowing our staff to focus on the quality of food we provide. With the result being that we can continue to provide our customers with an excellent and memorable dining experience.”
Howard Hastings
Managing Director, The Hastings Group
Reading University
“The new Kelsius system is fantastic, I can add or remove staff, tasks, vendors and products within minutes and get instant updates and alerts on fridge and freezer issues. My aim was to provide the staff with an easy system to use. I can train staff within minutes as it is so simple. I have a full traceability on everything within the system and again so easy to gain reports. The support I have received fantastic. FoodCheck makes my job easier.”
Neil Stafford
Reading University
The Merrion Hotel, Dublin
“I now know that good food safety processes are being followed and that information and records are at my fingertips to demonstrate compliance and traceability should problems arise. The cost saving element is also significant as the system performs tasks, which were previously done manually including fridge temperature monitoring. We simply could not operate without the Kelsius system."
Ed Cooney
Executive Head Chef
The Powerscourt Hotel
"The Kelsius FoodCheck paperless HACCP system gives me complete peace of mind. FoodCheck benefits our business by giving us the peace of mind that all of our HACCP records from delivery, cleaning, storage and cooking are accurate, safe and true. After-sales support is excellent and any issues are dealt with immediately. I couldn’t recommend this system highly enough."
Executive Head Chef
Petchey Academy London
"Food safety is my first priority. Kelsius temperature monitoring system and HACCP management gives us complete peace of mind, saves time and is paper free. It is an accurate, reliable and pain free HACCP traceability system all in one pack."
Balwant Singh
Catering Manager
The Limassol Four Seasons Hotel, Cyprus
“The efficiency and service levels from the team at Kelsius were excellent…the installation was a dream. The engineer sent over to install our system was very knowledgeable and extremely efficient. From our own engineer’s point of view he can also perform better preventive maintenance on over 100 fridges and freezers we have on the premises. It has met our needs in removing paper as well as greatly reducing time and labour from our HACCP management. I would highly recommend the Kelsius system to any hotel."
Nick Aristou
Executive Director
Sheraton Riyadh
"FoodCheck is the premium HACCP management system on the market. It is easy to use for all staff members and is an excellent management tool. I can check at any time to ensure we are complying with regulations and that our staff are inputting records. FoodCheck supports us by allowing our staff to concentrate on the quality of food served instead of paperwork. I have found their support team to be more than helpful in any dealings I had with them."
Paul C. Dunphy
General Manager
The Jurys Inn Hotel Parnell Street
"The Kelsius system has been hugely successful and has reduced paperwork, aiding our green commitment whilst simplifying administration duties in the kitchen. The daily reports are very useful in monitoring the performance of our HACCP management system. The temperature alert system and traceability management system are really important tools. It will also prompt the chef of outstanding tasks to ensure nothing is forgotten. It is an easy system to use."
Jimmy Kealy
Area General Manager
Ardingly College
"The Kelsius system for us is invaluable - easy setup, easy to use, accurate and instant results. If there are ever any issues the customer service support is swift, efficient and friendly. We have used other systems that are on the market and they are inferior compared to Kelsius. A recent visit from the EHO confirmed our feelings as they were extremely impressed with the system and took away details to show other establishments within the area."
Jo Davies
Head of Catering
Glenroyal Hotel
“In terms of user interface the Kelsius system’s simplicity is unparalleled. I view FoodCheck as the top HACCP management tool, unrivalled on the market. We can easily check our compliance with regulations and effortlessly track the quality of the food. Fridge maintenance is easily controlled, creating a hassle-free kitchen and happy chefs. Any queries or assistance that we have required during our contract were promptly and professionally. I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough."
Ted Robinson
General Manager
The Marker Hotel
"Prior to installing FoodCheck, Kelsius came and completed a site survey and explained how FoodCheck could be adapted to our exact requirements. We get daily reports and weekly audits which ensures we are always on top of our HACCP requirements. All units are monitored 24/7 and chefs have more time to concentrate on what they are best at – cooking. I am delighted that we overcame any apprehension and FoodCheck has proven its value to us many times over.”
Gareth Mullins
Executive Chef
Merrion Hotel, Llandudno
"FoodCheck paperless HACCP management along with the temperature monitoring forms the backbone of our HACCP system. Not only are we delighted with the system, so are our EHOs who say they wish other establishments would adopt such an advanced system. Staff are quick to adapt to the tablet system. Records are stored in real time and offsite which pleases the EHO. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kelsius and FoodCheck to any catering establishment."
Paul Bream

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