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CoolCheck provides tamperproof, automated temperature monitoring for drugs and medicines, ensuring good corporate governance and improved risk mitigation.

CoolCheck ensures compliance with pharmacy regulatory requirements and eliminates the risk of non-compliance, closing any gaps in cold chain traceability.

The system is full integrated and sustainable that simplifies and automates daily, weekly and monthly operational tasks, eliminating paper and reducing staff time spent on paper records.

Why choose CoolCheck
for your pharmacy?

No paperwork

Protect patient health

Reduce waste

Full Audit Trail

Regulatory Compliance

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Trusted by

Inish Pharmacy
"We have the system in all 3 of our pharmacies and it has helped see a good cost benefit. It helps maintain professional standards with minimal workload. It is easy to use. We have great peace of mind and reassurance that we can safe guard against temperature and humidity variations and stock loss. The long term benefits of this system are far greater than the small cost involved and I would highly recommend it. It is a great system."
Colin Deeny
Managing Director, Inish Pharmacy
Murray Pharmacies
"We have Kelsius temperature monitoring system in all our Pharmacies for a number of years now. Professional standards are raised using this system and it offers great peace of mind knowing my fridges and stock are being continuously monitored. This helps protect my business as I know all stock is maintained within correct temperature thresholds or else I will be alerted. This means I can protect against stock loss and the pain and cost that comes with an incident. The system also removes the need to manually check the temperature reducing my workload. Kelsius also monitor the humidity in Fridges which is off huge importance." “The Kelsius system does all this while at the same time saving me around one working day per month which I can put to effective use in my business. I would highly recommend the Kelsius system to any retail pharmacy.”
Tom Murray
Managing Director

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