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See how Kelsius have helped others and how we could help you too. See what our current customers say about the Kelsius system and the features they find most beneficial to their business.

Food Retail

Spar Stiles Road, Dublin
"This paperless HACCP Management and Temperature Monitoring system offers significant labour and cost saving. Over a relatively short period of time the system paid for itself."
Gus O'Hara
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Glenshane, Derry
"I have had FoodCheck in my shop for over 5 years now. It has greatly reduced the amount of time and money we spend on HACCP. We could not imagine being without the system."
Paul Dorrity
"We at Applegreen are delighted to be using Kelsius FoodCheck paperless HACCP system across our growing Applegreen network. We pride ourselves on our customer service and innovative food options whether in our small local stations or in our larger Motorway Service Areas. It’s important that our staff spend as much time as possible in customer facing roles and the FoodCheck technology ensures that the hugely important area of food safety management is managed with meticulous attention to detail but without the onerous hours of paper reporting and filing. As an independent Irish company we were delighted to be supporting another growing Irish company who came up with the perfect solution for Applegreen."
Joe Barrett
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Newport, Mayo
"Kelsius food safety management programme has been a great addition to our food safety program. Where prior to installation, regardless of all the training in the world, trust was a very important part of food safety implementation. With the installation of the kelsius system, food safety rises to a higher operating level with a live minute by minute, hour by hour control that no inferior systems can hide behind. As an owner it gives me peace of mind that my business is being ran to the highest standards."
Michael Sheridan
SuperValu Ballincollig
"The Kelsius HACCP Management system has eliminated a vast amount of paperwork which was replaced by tablets and wireless probes and has removed the risk of human error in relation to temperature and traceability management. The system provides us with prompts and alerts to pending tasks, so now nothing gets forgotten."
Kate O'Driscoll
Centra Bansha, Tipperary
“I have FoodCheck in Centra Bansha. It has been an excellent addition as I am now absolutely confident that my HACCP records will be up to date. FoodCheck fitting seamlessly into our HACCP system and we were able to incorporate it in immediately. Now the work is spread across all staff and I have to spend less time managing it. FoodCheck feels like it has put more hours in my day so I can deal with other important matters, safe in the knowledge that my HACCP is safe, sorted and secure."
Michael Cussen
Spar Express Tobins, Donegal
“We started our deli offering in 2004 and have used Kelsius systems since that day. As our business have evolved so too has the Kelsius system has developed extensively to help us meet all our legal obligations. FoodCheck is an integral part of our food safety compliance. It enables us to eliminate paperwork and manual tasks and as a result there are significant labour savings. Having achieved EIQA level 3 Emerald for 8 years running, we were also awarded the National Q Mark Award for Hygiene and Food Safety in Forecourts for 6 years in a row 2011-2015. We have also been awarded the overall National Award for Hygiene & Food Safety in 2015. We believe that Kelsius FoodCheck is critical to the maintenance of our standards and has been highly beneficial in our achievement of the Q Mark standards. I would highly recommend it to any retailer.”
Eddie Tobin
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Tramore, Waterford
“HACCP is such an important area now to any retail store. FoodCheck has been a fantastic addition in helping us manage our records. It has cut out a lot of time and work required to managing paper records. The greatest benefit I have found is that it shares the accountability across all staff and we can make sure everyone is doing their part. Live Records can be accessed from anywhere at any time to ensure everything is up to date and being done properly. " Records are far more detailed and accurate all our staff say they would never go back to paper, from this point of view it is an excellent Management tool."
Ailish Hickson
Byrnes Spar Stores Tralee, Kerry
“Having installed FoodCheck in one store, we immediately saw the benefits and installed in our second store and pizza outlet. I would not open another food handling premises without FoodCheck which has become a vital management tool in our business. The benefits in terms of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are significant. We now have records that are totally reliable giving great confidence to ourselves, our customers, EHO’s and auditors alike.”
Louis Byrne
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Rochestown, Cork
“We have Kelsius Food Safety System installed in the store now for a number of years, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t imagine the food safety system working without it. I myself am very involved in the daily managing of the whole Kelsius System and would monitor records all day, so errors with staff especially new, are dealt with immediately. All records are signed off by managers, and this gives us huge reassurement that everything is running correctly. There were occasions when the system would have saved us a lot of money, as fridges and freezers alarm as soon as they need attention, hence problem dealt with immediately, and stock can be moved to another location. With full commitment from Managers and staff in place you will never look back, and paperwork will be a thing of the past. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Kelsius to Retailers.”
Mary McGroarty
Browne's Londis Kilcock, Kildare
“The Kelsius system for us is invaluable. It benefits our business by giving us the peace of mind that all of our HACCP records from delivery, cleaning, storage and cooking are accurate, safe and true. The system is full proof and offers protection against non-conformance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kelsius and FoodCheck to any Londis store considering moving from paper. I don’t know how anybody runs a food business without it.”
Leona Browne
Chief Operations Officer
Mace Freshford, Kilkenny
“We installed FoodCheck a number of years ago and it has now become a cornerstone of our HACCP system. It is so easy for staff to use and for management to access and review records. HACCP has become much more manageable and less time consuming and we have the alerts have saved us money on a number of occasions. We get daily reports and weekly audits which ensures we are always on top of our HACCP requirements. I would strongly recommend this system to any Mace Store”.
Paul Lynch
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Donnellan's, Clare
“We have been working with Kelsius for the last 8 years, it is an excellent HACCP Management system we have easy access to all our Reports at our fingertips providing great savings in both time and labor costs."
Edwina Donnellan
Spar Lower Baggot Street, Dublin
“FoodCheck has been invaluable since we installed it. As well as the obvious benefits of removing paper and improving standards, the system saves my business at least 10 hours per week in labour time. The alert system has helped me save valuable stock on a number of occasions.”
Thomas Ennis
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Ballyduff, Kerry
“We are customers of Kelsius for a long number of years and we are delighted with the fact that Food Check has greatly reduced the amount of paperwork and labour involved with HACCP. When considering the cost of keeping manual records and the cost of the Kesius system, we are in no doubt that FoodCheck is much cheaper. We have seen great cost savings over the last number of years not to mention the protection against stock loss. The security and peace of mind offered to us as Owners is absolutely priceless."
Liam & Sarah Anne Ross
Gala Group
"We take food safety very seriously. With the Kelsius paperless HACCP Management system in place Gala will be several years ahead of those retail competitors remaining on paper-based systems."
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Ratoath, Meath
“FoodCheck has greatly reduced the amount of time and money we have to allocate to HACCP and Food Safety Management. When we first installed the system we removed all our paper records which we condensed in an ease to use tablet. This allowed my staff more time to concentrate on the quality service and food I provide my customers. This is very important to me. It also allowed me greater scope to manage my staff as I am able to check on my records even when I am away from the shop. The Alert system means I have the comfort of being notified should a fridge or freezer go down. The system is vital to everyday operation."
Paul Sweeney
Boyce's Centras, Donegal
"I currently have the digital HACCP management system, FoodCheck, in my 3 Centra outlets Carrigart, Dunfanaghy and Falcarragh. I find the system to be an excellent resource, offering great value for money. We can constantly monitor our HACCP records across all shops, without leaving our office, ensuring we comply with regulations. The Alert system is invaluable in safeguarding against stock loss if a fridge or freezer goes down, which we all know can cause a lot of hassle and more importantly cost a lot of money. The tablet interface encourages staff to use the system, as it is so easy to input records, saving time and thus money. The system has helped us achieve an Emerald status Q Mark for Hygiene & Food Safety with EIQA, which is highest level."
Shaun Boyce
Centra Carnmore, Galway
“We have FoodCheck for a few years now. The greatest benefit by far that I have found is that it frees up between 15-20 hours a week for my staff. Roughly 10 hours for my floor staff and 7 for my deli. This equates to a saving of €120 per week. This also means my staff are free to clean and stock and serve my customers. It is like having an extra member of staff for each half day. The system has served me very well and my health inspector is very happy with it. I get text Alerts if there is an issue with my fridges and freezers so I can protect against stock loss- it is like an extra insurance. FoodCheck’s bottom line is that if offers me peace of mind as well as saves me money."
Liam Glynn
Mullins Food Stores Group
"We have installed Foodcheck across all 5 of our sites in the past year. The system has completely changed the way we run our food operation, operating in the confidence that our equipment and staff are working to their maximum potential. The ability to monitor sites remotely and in real time is a huge advantage, while making all staff accountable for their actions creates great habits to improve HACCP processes and customer experience. Having a ready made and measured K.P.I. delivered to your Inbox every week is a great management tool to monitor both improvements and ares requiring attention. I cannot speak highly enough about the installation, support and training provided, all of which is seamless and always carried out in a most professional & friendly manner."
Alan McGettigan
Area Manager
SuperValu Monaghan
“In November 2015 we installed Kelsius FoodCheck system in our Deli Department. Before installation our staff had over 15 sign off sheets, from Cleaning Sheets to Traceability. This has reduced the vast amount of paperwork which has been replaced by the tablet. The Kelsius FoodCheck has removed the risk of human error in relation to temperature and traceability management. The tablet encourages staff to use the system, as it is so easy to input records, saving time and money."
Noelle Keenan
Spar Express, H2 Group
"FoodCheck benefits us by offering complete visibility of all our HACCP records. We feel safe in the knowledge that all our records are accurate and secure. The paperless HACCP system reduces the amount of time staff have to spend on HACCP recording and makes life much easier during audit or inspection. It helps us protect both our customers and our brand, offering actual cost savings in the process. Also the task management module has streamlined our processes and improved accountability and visibility across the stores. We have installed the FoodCheck system across all H2 sites."
Sean Heaphy
Managing Director
Centra Blackcastle, Meath
FoodCheck has given us an actual cost saving when compared to manual records. The cost of the entire FoodCheck system is much less than the cost of manually checking each fridge and freezer twice a day in labour alone. That doesn’t even take into account the added benefits of prompts to remind staff of important tasks, greatly reducing paperwork and giving my staff more time to serve our customers. FoodCheck cuts out around 30-35 hours per week in labour for us.
Sean McGuirke


The Hastings Hotel Group
“We hold our customers in the highest regard here at Hastings. This agreement helps us ensure the safety of food we produce, while allowing our staff to focus on the quality of food we provide. With the result being that we can continue to provide our customers with an excellent and memorable dining experience.”
Howard Hastings
Managing Director, The Hastings Group
The Merrion Hotel, Dublin
"The Kelsius FoodCheck paperless HACCP system gives me complete peace of mind. I now know that good food safety processes are being followed and that information and records are at my fingertips to demonstrate compliance and traceability should problems arise. The cost saving element is also significant as the system performs tasks, which were previously done manually including fridge temperature monitoring. We simply could not operate without the Kelsius system."
Ed Cooney
Executive Head Chef
The Powerscourt Hotel
"The Kelsius FoodCheck paperless HACCP system gives me complete peace of mind. FoodCheck benefits our business by giving us the peace of mind that all of our HACCP records from delivery, cleaning, storage and cooking are accurate, safe and true. After sales support is excellent and any issues are dealt with immediately. I couldn’t recommend this system highly enough."
Executive Head Chef
The Limassol Four Seasons Hotel, Cyprus
“The effciency and service levels from the team at Kelsius were excellent, reminiscent of our own philosophy and I must be the first to say that the installation was a dream, the engineer sent over to install our system was very knowledgeable and extremely effcient as well as being an effective trainer passing on his knowledge to our own team members. The system has met all our needs and is still evolving 6 months down the line, it has also meant that from our engineers point of view he can also perform better preventive maintenance on over 100 fridges and freezers we have on the premises. It has met our needs in removing paper as well as greatly reducing time and labor from our HACCP management. I would highly recommend the Kelsius system to any hotel."
Nick Aristou
Executive Director
Sheraton Riyadh
"FoodCheck is the premium HACCP Management system on the market. It is easy to use for all staff members and is an excellent management tool. I can check at any time to ensure we are complying with regulations and that our staff are inputting records. It has always been of the utmost importance to us to have the highest quality of food served to customer. FoodCheck supports us in doing this by allowing our staff to concentrate on the quality of food served instead of paperwork. I have found their support team to be more than helpful in any dealings I had with them."
Paul C. Dunphy
General Manager
The Jurys Inn Hotel Parnell Street
"Jurys Inn Parnell Street introduced the Kelsius HACCP system a number of years ago. It has been hugely successful and has reduced the paper work, aiding to our Green Commitment whilst simplifying administration duties in the kitchen. The daily reports are very useful in monitoring the performance of our HACCP management system. The temperature alert system and traceability management system are really important tools, it will also prompt the chef of outstanding tasks to ensure nothing is forgotten. It is an easy system to use."
Jimmy Kealy
Area General Manager
Glenroyal Hotel
"We have been using the Kelsius Temperature monitoring system here at the Glenroyal Hotel for the past number of years. In terms of user interface its simplicity is unparalleled. I view FoodCheck as the top HACCP management tool, unrivalled on the market. We can easily check our compliance with regulations and effortlessly track the quality of the food as it is stored and prepared in order to provide food of the highest quality to our loyal customers. Fridge maintenance is easily controlled with this system, creating a hassle free kitchen and happy chefs. Any queries or assistance that we have required during our contract were promptly and professionally dealt with by our rep Keith. I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough."
Ted Robinson
General Manager
The Marker Hotel
"Prior to installing FoodCheck we were a little apprehensive as food safety is such an important part of our business here at The Marker. Kelsius came and completed a site survey and explained how FoodCheck could be adapted to our exact requirements. This gave us great confidence we were making the correct decision. HACCP has become much more manageable and less time consuming. We get daily reports and weekly audits which ensures we are always on top of our HACCP requirements. All units are monitored 24/7 and chefs have more time to concentrate on what they are best at – cooking. I am delighted that we overcame our original apprehension and FoodCheck has proven its value to us many times over. I couldn’t recommend this system highly enough."
Gareth Mullins
Executive Chef
Merrion Hotel, Llandudno
"We installed Kelsius FoodCheck at the Merrion Hotel in 2012, the FoodCheck paperless HACCP Management along with the Temperature Monitoring system forms the backbone of our HACCP system, not only are we delighted with the system, so are our EHO’s who say they wish other establishments would adopt such an advanced system. Being tablet based, staff are quick to adapt to the system, records are stored in real time and off site which pleases the EHO. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kelsius and Food Check to any catering establishment."
Paul Bream


Reading University
“The new Kelsius system is Fantastic, I am able to add/ remove staff, tasks, vendors and products within minutes. Get instant updates/ alerts on fridge and freezer issues. It does not deter the staff from using it as it is so simple to use. My aim was to provide the staff with an easy system to use, that they would not be afraid to use. I can train staff within minutes as it is so simple. I have a full traceability on everything within the system and again so easy to gain reports.

The support I have received fantastic. FoodCheck makes my job easier.”
Neil Stafford
Reading University
Petchey Academy London
"Food safety is my first priority. Kelsius temperature monitoring system and HACCP Management gives us complete peace of mind, saves time and is paper free. It is an accurate, reliable and pain free HACCP traceability system all in one pack."
Balwant Singh
Catering Manager
Ardingly College
"The Kelsius system for us is invaluable. Easy setup, easy to use, accurate and instant results. If ever there is any issues we are unsure of the customer service support is swift, efficient and friendly. We have used other systems that are on the market and they are inferior compared to Kelsius. A recent visit from the EHO confirmed our feelings as they were extremely impressed with the system and took away details to show other establishments within the area."
Jo Davies
Head of Catering


Apache Pizza
"The Kelsius FoodCheck system has been a revelation since we implemented them in our 5 stores in Cork City. It has made our HACCP records much easier and faster and more consistent across all our stores. It is a very easy to train our staff in how to use the tablets and with the prompts at certain times of the day nothing is forgotten. It has saved us a lot in time and money and peace of mind. I would highly recommend the Kelsius Food Check system to anyone that needs to keep HACCP records."
Scott Harrington
Manager, Apache Pizza Ballyvolane
Burrito Loco
"It has helped us cut back on our paper wastage and keeps records in one place. My favourite part? It helps us track all our deliveries and batch codes."
Jason Coyle
Head Chef


The Church, Dublin
"Here at The Church we have been very fortunate to build up a very substantial food business over the past number of years. With our food service offerings being available in The Gallery, The Bar, The Cellar and in The Garden and being prepared and served from two kitchens we can experience some logistical challenges in keeping our standards at the height that our customers have come to expect and demand. We installed the Kelsius paperless HACCP system about a year ago and we’ve found that it has been a huge support to both staff and management. Kelsius have provided us with a simple straightforward solution to an integral part of our business while generating significant time and cost savings. Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us here at The Church and the Kelsius system has really maximised our efficiency in this regard."
Executive Head Chef


Ye Village Butchers
"It's so simple to use that even my staff are embracing using the tablet. I've been impressed also with the capability of using the tablet to record my beef traceability and dry ingredients traceability with the information being stored in the Cloud. I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone considering ditching the paper trail to give Kelsius a try especially as you're not tied into any long contracts."
Steven Luff
Ye Village Butchers Ltd, Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey


Abertawe Bromorganwg HB
“We installed the Kelsius temperature monitoring system in the Blood Transfusion Departments across the Abertawe Bromorganwg HB in 2011. Since that time the system have paid for itself multiple times over. The system provides 24 hour temperature monitoring of all temperature controlled unit protecting around 500 units of blood and tens of thousands pounds worth of blood products. It allows us to become aware of any potential issue before it becomes a problem so we can be proactive in dealing with it. The offsite facility is a major benefit and offers us great flexibly. We can access our records from any web enabled device via the Kelsius Web portal. The ability to include monitoring of satellite fridges and are at various locations greatly streamlines our procedures, allowing for better management centrally. Both the system itself and the web portal are very user-friendly and allows us to follow best practices. The end result of all this is that we can further underline the safety of product that we provide our patients and can show complete transparency to audits. I would highly recommend the Kelsius system to anyone who currently has a need for temperature monitoring."
Barbara Sullivan
Bloodtransfusion Manager, Abertawe Bro Morganwg University Health Board, Wales
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells
"We have installed the Kelsius temperature monitoring system throughout the Pharmacy and Aseptic Departments at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital Sites." The reason for the choice of Kelsius system was to replace Min/Max temperature loggers with a state of the art web based temperature monitoring system. The new system was aimed to improve quality control of pharmaceutical products, reduce risk of product loss due to temperature deviations, minimise human errors to save operational time and record temperature 24x7/365 days, alert designated members of staff in the event of a temperature excursion and comply with legislative and regulatory requirements. The Kelsius temperature monitoring system meets all our requirements and expectations. We have Kelsius sensors to record product and air temperature throughout our Pharmacy Dispensing areas, Clinical Trial rooms and Aseptic units where drugs are stored and prepared. We also utilise sensors within our automated Robot storage and dispensing unit, within our Unlicensed Medicines room and Controlled Drugs room, within all refrigerators / freezers and within the Pharmacy Store areas. The robust alarm alert system(SMS/e-mail/flashing beacon/audible) allows us to take corrective actions well on time allowing stock to be relocated and thus reducing financial impact of the loss of high value refrigerated products. Kelsius web portal is user-friendly and offers on-site/off-site access to real time temperature data, weekly reports, graphs and allows complete auditing of temperature data and has the provision to add more sensors. Calibration Certificates are traceable to a UKAS Certificate. With Kelsius in place, we have increased confidence in product quality and patient safety. Moreover the digital temperature monitoring system has already paid for itself since installation by helping save time and reducing product loss."
Satish Kumar
Pharmacy Technician
Central Manchester University Hospitals
"The Greater Manchester Immunology Service (GMIS) has been fully reliant on the Kelsius temperature monitoring system for the last 8 years. The system replaced a manual system of temperature recording which was time consuming and inadequate for our requirements. GMIS was the first pathology laboratory in the UK to achieve accreditation to ISO standard 15189 of UKAS. Use of the Kelsius temperature monitoring system strengthened our position and ability to successfully achieve this quality standard. The Kelsius system provides a means of monitoring a bank of fridges, freezers and incubators continually in real time via a system of wireless temperature sensors that upload temperature readings to a central data logger. In the event of a temperature deviation from our defined limits the laboratory personnel are notified immediately and are able to address and rectify any issues. During the last 8 years of use the system has proved very reliable and robust and has not broken down once. The temperature readings are easily accessible from a central web portal that allows the data to be displayed in the form of tables and graphs, providing a full audit trail that is compliant with UKAS. The Kelsius system ultimately contributes to the high quality of our service and patient safety. In addition the ability of the system to continually monitor our temperature readings helps save staff time and allows staff to concentrate on more appropriate duties. Consequently the Kelsius system helps financially by ensuring that expensive commercial kits and reagents aren’t lost due to temperature damage and staff time is used more productively in delivering our immunology service."
Andy Moran
Chief Biomedical Scientist
St. Vincents University Hospital
"The Kelsius system has provided reliable temperature monitoring in 90 medication fridges across the hospital and makes 24hr monitoring in all areas possible. It has ensured rapid response to deviation from recommended temperatures and provided important data about fridges and allows trends to be identified. In the future we hope to expand our monitoring system to include room temperature and humidity monitoring. The potential maximum financial savings within the three month period 01/12/2016 to 28/02/2017 was approximately €120,000 (if all stock involved had to be discarded)."
Caitriona Reilly & Paul Tighe
Pharmacy Department
Letterkenny General Hospital
"When faced with cold chain failure, the system on an annual basis more than pays for itself contributing significantly to product quality assurance and overall patient safety".
Colm Devine
Chief Pharmacist
Torbay and South Devon Trust
“The Kelsius system has allowed us peace of mind that our fridges and incubators are being monitored in real time and let us know when they deviate from the allowed parameters. We have installed Kelsius throughout our Pharmaceutical facility to cover all units including ambient monitoring of our Warehouse. Live and historical Data is available at all times which allows us to cover any inspections and audits carried out. Follow up service is excellent and an annual service is included. Highly recommended by our team.”
Dr Alison Webber
Head of Microbiology
Forth Valley Royal Hospital
"We have utilised Kelsius since the commissioning of the Aseptic and Pharmacy in 2010. The reason for the choice of the Kelsius system was the need to minimise risk of loss of pharmaceutical products to temperature deviation and the requirement for a system that was user friendly, provided requirements stipulated by the MHRA and one that could easily be incorporated within our Quality Management System. We have sensors (temperature and humidity) throughout our Aseptic unit in all locations were drugs are stored and prepared. We also utilise sensors within our automated robot storage and dispensing unit, within our Unlicensed Medicines Room, Clinical Trial Room, Controlled Drugs Room, within all refrigerators / freezers and within the Pharmacy Stores areas. The sensors have also allowed Pharmacy to be proactive and reactive to any temperature deviations, allowing stock to be relocated and reducing the financial impact of the loss of high value refrigerated products and the affect that this would have to patient safety/patient treatment. The actual system is user-friendly and weekly reports, graphs and reports can be accessed and interrogated thoroughly. We have experienced an excellent, proactive and friendly customer service throughout. Kelsius staff are always professional, approachable and keen to assist with any issues, queries or future project work. Calibration certificates are traceable to a UKAS Certificate. Forth Valley was the first site in Scotland to utilise Kelsius. We have recommended Kelsius to other NHS Health Boards and Pharmacies and would continue to do so in the future."
Daniel Kelly
Quality Assurance

Retail Pharmacy

Inish Pharmacy
"We have the system in all 3 of our pharmacies and it has helped see a good cost benefit. It helps maintain professional standards with minimal workload. It is easy to use. We have great peace of mind and reassurance that we can safe guard against temperature and humidity variations and stock loss. The long term benefits of this system are far greater than the small cost involved and I would highly recommend it. It is a great system."
Colin Deeny
Managing Director, Inish Pharmacy
Murray Pharmacies
"We have Kelsius temperature monitoring system in all our Pharmacies for a number of years now. Professional standards are raised using this system and it offers great peace of mind knowing my fridges and stock are being continuously monitored. This helps protect my business as I know all stock is maintained within correct temperature thresholds or else I will be alerted. This means I can protect against stock loss and the pain and cost that comes with an incident. The system also removes the need to manually check the temperature reducing my workload. Kelsius also monitor the humidity in Fridges which is off huge importance." “The Kelsius system does all this while at the same time saving me around one working day per month which I can put to effective use in my business. I would highly recommend the Kelsius system to any retail pharmacy.”
Tom Murray
Managing Director


Torbay Pharmaceuticals
“The Kelsius system has allowed us peace of mind that our fridges and incubators are being monitored in real time and let us know when they deviate from the allowed parameters. We have installed Kelsius throughout our Pharmaceutical facility to cover all units including ambient monitoring of our Warehouse. Live and historical Data is available at all times which allows us to cover any inspections and audits carried out. Follow up service is excellent and an annual service is included. Highly recommended by our team.”
Dr. Alison Webber
Head of Microbiology, Torbay Pharmaceuticals
BD Gencell
"Kelsius CoolCheck has enabled seamless monitoring and recording of temperature humidity and other parameters in our laboratories, stores, freezers and production areas. This data has led to high confidence in environmental conditions during testing, manufacturing and storage of sensitive inventory. The system installation carried out by Kelsius is efficient and servicing thereafter is very satisfactory. Having complete live and historical data available from the web portal as well as alerts ensures traceability and quality control. All the team at Kelsius are extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend Kelsius for your real-time monitoring needs.
Shane Tully
Biokinetic Europe
"BioKinetic Europe has been successfully using the Kelsius system since 2011 to monitor the temperature of over 13 refrigerators and freezers and the temperature and humidity of four environments. Working in a regulated environment, the Kelsius system helps to ensure compliance in the following ways: • 24/7 instant text and email alerts to nominated staff members ensuring that any temperature excursions are dealt with immediately, thus reducing the chance of any potential impact on samples, drugs, equipment, or essential documents • Ability to set temperature alarm limits dependent on specific requirements. • Ability to print out temperature graphs at the click of a button for study files, audit or inspection purposes • A full system audit trail The portal is extremely user friendly and queries directed to the Kelsius support team are always answered promptly and in a friendly and professional manner. Highly recommended.”
Ashleigh Wilson
Quality Assurance Manager
"The Kelsius remote sensors provide 24/7 monitoring of our GMP storage areas. Email alerts are sent to staff when temperature/humidity go out of the specified ranges which allows for prompt corrective action. The online system is user friendly and access to sensor data is restricted to staff with passwords. The system generates graphs and reports for easy interpretation of data and calibration information for the sensors on site is readily available on the system which is beneficial during audits The Kelsius support team are extremely helpful. Queries are always responded to promptly.”
Claudine Kavanagh
Quality Assurance Engineer
Marine Institute
"We had the Kelsius Temperature Monitoring System installed in the Laboratories in January 2017. It has been a smooth transition to the Kelsius System and has been readily assimilated into our Quality Management System. The Kelsius System simply “works in the background” and provides us with reliable on-going monitoring of over 100 items of equipment. As the system is completely wireless, this has really been a huge benefit in all the labs and addition of probes to new items of equipment is effortless. The support from the Kelsius Team has been immense, queries are always responded to promptly and staff are professional and extremely helpful. A huge benefit of this system for the Marine Institute Laboratories is the ability to identify temperature trends with our equipment, via the visual display. The system is practical to use and also saves time and the dashboard allows all information to be readily displayed. The temperature data and associated information is available to all staff at any time, using a simple login.The fact that daily and weekly reports are emailed to the relevant personnel has allowed a paperless system to be rationalized throughout the laboratories. Overall an extremely efficient and effective system that is now implemented into our laboratories."
Dr.Yvonne Bogan
Quality Manager

Vaccine Centres

Central and North West London NHS, St Charles Hospital
“The Kelsius equipment and monitoring portal have been invaluable tools for helping us maintain the strict storage requirements for our Covid-19 vaccine stock. 24-7 alerts allow us to respond to any temperature issues even outside of normal working hours. This has prevented us from wasting any of these precious vaccines as a result of refrigeration failure.”
Steve Hopkins
Pharmacy Information Systems Manager, Central and North West London NHS FT, St Charles Hospital