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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

Covid Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

“With Kelsius temperature monitoring- the Alert System allows us to take Corrective Actions, allowing stock to be relocated.”

Satish Kumar, Pharmacy, Maidstone Hospital.

As the market is developing with regards to Covid 19 Vaccine options and governments are committed to buying millions of doses of the 3 most advanced option so far, it’s worth considering the storage requirements and monitoring process. We, at Kelsius, want you to know that our CoolCheck system can help manage the storage of all vaccines in a safe and efficient manner.

What We Know

  • The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are encouragingly efficacious from the preliminary studies.
  • Both will require storage at -78c.
  • The Oxford / AZ COVID-19 vaccine has standardized fridge storing requirements and its efficacy is equally impressive from the early stages of clinical trials.
  • Governments are committed to buying each of the vaccines.
  • Temperature excursions are critical to these vaccines.
  • Kelsius have the perfect solution to monitor these temperatures and Alert you if there is a temperature change.

CoolCheck Temperature Monitoring for Vaccine storage:

  • Kelsius have sensors capable of monitoring Ultra Cold Storage Environments (-80C).
  • Kelsius can monitor chilled storage units
  • Our system will notify you and alert you if there is any change in temperature.
  • Our system has on site Alarms and remote Alerts via Email/ SMS and Voicecall.
  • Warning and Critical Alerts to allow for Rapid Response to protect product.

Why Kelsius:

  • Over 17 years temperature monitoring experience.
  • Temperature Monitoring system in over 160 Hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • Proven track record monitoring temperature for Pharmacies and Life Science department.
  • Information easily accessible and at your finger tips.
  • Alerted to any non-conformance to pre-empt any issue and take corrective action.

If you have any questions or want to find out more click on the link below or email