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Food Retail

FoodCheck 2.0 ensures tamperproof, HACCP compliance by using the best available technology that delivers good corporate governance and improved risk mitigation

The FoodCheck 2.0 wireless temperature monitoring system is used in food retail stores globally to give staff peace of mind during food storage, preparation and serving.

Our customers save multiple hours every week by replacing manual checks with FoodCheck 2.0 – save time and money by moving to our automated system.

Why choose FoodCheck 2.0
for your food retail business?

No paperwork

Protect your business

Reduce food waste

Full Audit Trail

Regulatory Compliance

Kelsius is compliant with multiple quality assurance, food safety and other regulations:


Click here for a full list of Kelsius’ accreditations and memberships:


Trusted by

Spar Stiles Road, Dublin
"This paperless HACCP Management and Temperature Monitoring system offers significant labour and cost saving. Over a relatively short period of time the system paid for itself."
Gus O'Hara
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Glenshane, Derry
"I have had FoodCheck in my shop for over 5 years now. It has greatly reduced the amount of time and money we spend on HACCP. We could not imagine being without the system."
Paul Dorrity
"We’re delighted to use Kelsius’s FoodCheck paperless HACCP system across our growing Applegreen network. It’s important that our staff spend as much time as possible in customer facing roles and the FoodCheck technology ensures that the hugely important area of food safety management is managed with meticulous attention to detail but without the onerous hours of paper reporting and filing.”
Joe Barrett
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Newport, Mayo
"Kelsius’s food safety management programme has been a great addition to our food safety program. With the installation of the Kelsius system, food safety rises to a higher operating level with a live minute by minute, hour by hour control that no inferior systems can hide behind. As an owner it gives me peace of mind that my business is being ran to the highest standards."
Michael Sheridan
SuperValu Ballincollig
"The Kelsius HACCP Management system has eliminated a vast amount of paperwork which was replaced by tablets and wireless probes and has removed the risk of human error in relation to temperature and traceability management. The system provides us with prompts and alerts to pending tasks, so now nothing gets forgotten."
Kate O'Driscoll
Centra Bansha, Tipperary
“FoodCheck fits seamlessly into our HACCP system and we were able to incorporate it in immediately. Now the work is spread across all staff and I have to spend less time managing it. FoodCheck feels like it has put more hours in my day so I can deal with other important matters, safe in the knowledge that my HACCP is safe, sorted and secure."
Michael Cussen
Spar Express Tobins, Donegal
“We started our deli offering in 2004 and have used Kelsius systems since that day. As our business has evolved so too has the Kelsius system to help us meet all our legal obligations. FoodCheck is an integral part of our food safety compliance. It enables us to eliminate paperwork and manual tasks and as a result there are significant labour savings. FoodCheck is critical to the maintenance of our standards and has been highly beneficial in our achievement of the Q Mark standards. I would highly recommend it to any retailer.”
Eddie Tobin
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Tramore, Waterford
“FoodCheck has cut out a lot of time and work required to manage paper records. It shares the accountability across all staff and we can make sure everyone is doing their part. Live records are accessible anywhere at any time to ensure everything is up to date and being done properly. Records are far more detailed and accurate all our staff say they would never go back to paper. From this point of view it is an excellent management tool."
Ailish Hickson
Byrnes Spar Stores Tralee, Kerry
“Having installed FoodCheck in one store, we immediately saw the benefits and installed in our second store and pizza outlet. I would not open another food handling premises without FoodCheck which has become a vital management tool in our business. The benefits in terms of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are significant. We now have records that are totally reliable giving great confidence to ourselves, our customers, EHOs and auditors alike.”
Louis Byrne
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Rochestown, Cork
“I am very involved in the daily management of the Kelsius system and would monitor records all day, so errors with staff especially new, are dealt with immediately. All records are signed off by managers, and this gives us huge reassurance that everything is running correctly. The system has saved us a lot of money, as fridges and freezers alarm as soon as they need attention. With full commitment from managers and staff in place you will never look back, and paperwork will be a thing of the past. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Kelsius to retailers.”
Mary McGroarty
Browne's Londis Kilcock, Kildare
“The Kelsius system for us is invaluable. It benefits our business by giving us the peace of mind that all of our HACCP records from delivery, cleaning, storage and cooking are accurate, safe and true. The system is foolproof and offers protection against non-conformance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kelsius and FoodCheck to any Londis store considering moving from paper. I don’t know how anybody runs a food business without it.”
Leona Browne
Chief Operations Officer
Mace Freshford, Kilkenny
“FoodCheck is so easy for staff to use and for management to access and review records. HACCP has become much more manageable and less time consuming and we have the alerts have saved us money on a number of occasions. We get daily reports and weekly audits which ensures we are always on top of our HACCP requirements. I would strongly recommend this system to any Mace store”.
Paul Lynch
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Donnellan's, Clare
“We have been working with Kelsius for the last 8 years. It is an excellent HACCP management system. We have easy access to all our reports, providing great savings in both time and labour costs."
Edwina Donnellan
Spar Lower Baggot Street, Dublin
“FoodCheck has been invaluable since we installed it. As well as the obvious benefits of removing paper and improving standards, the system saves my business at least 10 hours per week in labour time. The alert system has helped me save valuable stock on a number of occasions.”
Thomas Ennis
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Ballyduff, Kerry
“We are delighted that Food Check has greatly reduced the amount of paperwork and labour involved with HACCP. When considering the cost of keeping manual records and the cost of the Kelsius system, we are in no doubt that FoodCheck is much cheaper. We have seen great cost savings over the last number of years not to mention the protection against stock loss. The security and peace of mind offered to us as owners is absolutely priceless."
Liam & Sarah Anne Ross
Gala Group
"We take food safety very seriously. With the Kelsius paperless HACCP management system in place Gala will be several years ahead of those retail competitors remaining on paper-based systems."
Chief Operations Officer
Centra Ratoath, Meath
“FoodCheck has greatly reduced the amount of time and money we have to allocate to HACCP and food safety management. When we first installed the system we removed all our paper records which we condensed in an easy-to-use tablet. This allowed my staff more time to concentrate on the quality service and food I provide my customers. It also allowed me greater scope to manage my staff as I am able to check records even when I am away. The alert system means I have the comfort of being notified should a fridge or freezer go down. The system is vital to everyday operations."
Paul Sweeney
Mullins Food Stores Group
“The ability to monitor sites remotely and in real time is a huge advantage, while making all staff accountable for their actions creates great habits to improve HACCP processes and customer experience. Having a ready-made and measured KPI delivered to your inbox every week is a great management tool to monitor both improvements and areas requiring attention. I cannot speak highly enough about the installation, support and training provided, all of which is seamless and always carried out in a most professional and friendly manner."
Alan McGettigan
Area Manager
Centra Carnmore, Galway
“The greatest benefit by far using FoodCheck is that it frees up between 15-20 hours a week for my staff; roughly 10 hours for my floor staff and 7 for my deli. This equates to a saving of €120 per week. This also means my staff are free to clean and stock and serve my customers. It is like having an extra member of staff for each half day. My health inspector is very happy with it. I get text alerts if there is an issue with my fridges and freezers - it is like an extra insurance. FoodCheck’s bottom line is that if offers me peace of mind as well as saving money."
Liam Glynn
SuperValu Monaghan
“Before installation of FoodCheck our staff had over 15 sign off sheets, from cleaning sheets to traceability. FoodCheck has reduced the vast amount of paperwork, replaced by the tablet. FoodCheck has removed the risk of human error in relation to temperature and traceability management. The tablet encourages staff to use the system, as it is so easy to input records, saving time and money."
Noelle Keenan
Boyce's Centras, Donegal
"I find the system to be an excellent resource, offering great value for money. We can constantly monitor HACCP records across all our shops without leaving our office, ensuring we comply with regulations. The alert system is invaluable in safeguarding against stock loss if a fridge or freezer goes down. The tablet interface encourages staff to use the system, as it is so easy to input records, saving time and money. The system has helped us achieve an Emerald status Q Mark for Hygiene & Food Safety with EIQA, which is the highest level."
Shaun Boyce
Spar Express, H2 Group
"We feel safe in the knowledge that all our records are accurate and secure. The paperless HACCP system reduces the amount of time staff spend on HACCP recording and makes life much easier during audit or inspection. It helps us protect both our customers and our brand, offering actual cost savings in the process. Also the task management module has streamlined our processes and improved accountability and visibility across the stores. We have installed the FoodCheck system across all H2 sites."
Sean Heaphy
Managing Director
Centra Blackcastle, Meath
“The cost of the entire FoodCheck system is much less than the cost of manually checking each fridge and freezer twice a day in labour alone. That doesn’t even take into account the added benefits of prompts to remind staff of important tasks, greatly reducing paperwork and giving my staff more time to serve our customers. FoodCheck cuts out around 30-35 hours per week in labour for us.”
Sean McGuirke

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